Core City Downtown

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Core City Downtown

Date: 2.9.2016
Time: 22-03
Location: O’Hara’s Freehouse/Tampere
Age limit: 18
Entrance: 0 €
Styles: Hardcore, Breakcore, Speedcore, Hardtek, Doomcore, Industrial Hardcore


Avaruusveli is the dj alias of the shamancore artist Teknoaidi and he is also the founder of Kovaydin.NET. In his sets he often mixes fast grounding distorted kicks with mystical floating atmospheres beyond scene borders. This time Teknoaidi will play a set of mental hardtek and cosmic hc techno.

Junglist Vampire LIVE
Junglist Vampire is a breakcore artist from Tampere. Junglist Vampire’s sound varies from darker horror core to atmospheric space-station-dubstep stuff as well as manic, chaotic raggajungle. So far JV has released 2 albums, the first ”Junglist Vampire EP” independently on Bandcamp and the second called ”FACE” on Sociopath Records.

Noison is a one-man band from Tampere, that produces sound in almost all its forms, the main style being the more heavy and experimental sound. The project has been active since 2004 and is nowadays focused more on dj’ing than music making. Noison joined Kovaydin.NET in 2009 and has been an active ever since, maintaining the Finnish underground scene to his best ability. The first gig was in 2010 at the Brainbashers: Ydintalvi party, after which he has played at nearly all events of Kovaydin.NET. Noison will play speedcore at CCD!

Shatterling is a live artist/dj from Espoo who has been active with numerous subgenres of hardcore since 2007. The speed or the slowness doesn’t matter as long as the sound is good and the groove flows. This time Shatterling plays a dj set consisting mainly of slower doomcore, techno, industrial hardcore and emocore.

Säckxsätüs LIVE
Säckxsätüs throws extreme forms of punk, metal and electronic music, as well as everything from funk to noise and from movie samples to street sounds, into the shredder and spits out chaotic banging sounds that belong in the ungenre of breakcore. Releases: Plagiarized EP on Night Terror Records (RIP), individual tracks on Kovaydin.NET’s compilations and Soundcloud. The set consists mainly of upcoming unreleased material.


22:00-23:00 Shatterling
23:00-00:00 Junglist Vampire LIVE
00:00-01:00 Avaruusveli
01:00-01:45 Säckxsätüs LIVE
01:45-02:30 Noison


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