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Kovaydin.NET website
In the beginning, between 2003-2004, there was a homepage called Kovaydin (literally “hardcore”) in MBNet, which was a Finnish information site on hardcore techno. The site also had lyrics translations of Dutch gabber tracks into Finnish, among other things.
Kovaydin.NET (known as Kovaydin Vastarinta (=Hardcore Resistance) between 2005-2012) was launched in 2005 with a mission to promote hardcore techno in Finland and elsewhere. This has been realized by having a Finnish hardcore forum, releasing music online and organizing events among other methods. The forum and IRC channel are meeting places for all who are interested in HC. At the forum you can for example discuss events, releases and the scene, advertise your own events, tracks, mixes etc. You’re welcome to discuss whether you’re a newbie, oldschool veteran, musician or raver!

Kovaydin.NET netlabel
Since 2005, the site shared single tracks, primarily by Finnish artists, until it transformed into a netlabel in 2009. The netlabel was known as Kovaydin Vastarinta between 2009-2012, until it was changed into Kovaydin.NET in 2013. Kovaydin.NET’s own music is focused on more uncommercial underground, sometimes even experimental, core styles, that we consider to be the real richness in hardcore since these cover most of the core styles and bring forth its true potential. Commercial core won’t be released and we will leave that to those concerned. We want to support hardcore in its diversity. The artists are situated in different parts of Finland. Part of them are in the local scene action, while the rest is focusing on music production only.

Kovaydin.NET as a party organizer
We organized Brainbashers, a harder underground electronic music event, in Tampere city and its subregion from 2007 till 2012. The name has been abandoned since 2013, but the concept is still the same. Our events focus on various *core styles from slow to fast. There has also been some rhythmic noise, harder drum’n’bass and hardtek/free tekno etc., since their sounds and attitude are suitable for our events. The events strive to be diverse without making compromises with the music or the statement. Besides local artists we have also booked international live-acts and dj’s (a list of artists/dj’s with a homepage can be found on the right side), who have had original sounds to offer. Our organization has started to act more in the principle of a decentralized network since 2013. Different cities have different nodes and they are primarily responsible for initiating events in their area. The network itself is maintained from Tampere. Prior to the more decentralized network our actions were mostly focused in Tampere and its subregion. In 2009 we started to expand our action by doing occasional parties in places like Helsinki and Pori and we also did a collaboration party, Earthcore vs. Brainbashers, in Helsinki. In 2012 we did a Finland tour and took the concept to Oulu, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Turku, as well as the usual destinations Helsinki and Tampere. Since summer 2010 we have worked with Tenkale, another Tampere based crew, to bring free party/free tekno culture to Finland. If you are interested in organizing with us (for example in the forms of handing out flyers, dj’ing, funding etc.) or throwing a collaboration party please contact! We also want to encourage others to diy action for a diverse hardcore techno and underground electronic music culture!

Few more facts:
– The organization is an alternative for hierarchy based action. We want to create open electronic music culture where everyone wanting to participate can do so and everyone is part of the action in their own way regardless of their so-called status in the scene. Besides the facts mentioned below this can be seen in small details, for example all artists are written with a font of the same size on posters/flyers and all non-harmful humans are given OP status on our irc-channel.
– New artists/dj’s are usually tested at the open decks sessions in the morning and depending on the situation it is recommended for newbies to visit our parties, take part in action and meet people prior to coming for a gig. This has nothing to do with ass-kissing. We just want to get to know you and see if you are truly interested in mutual action or if you are only motivated to have your name on a poster.
– We always take new people in. If you have just started out performing and our concept is interesting for you we recommend you to visit, be a part of our action and meet us at parties depending on your possibilities. Some of our events have an open decks session in the morning, which can be in its own way an initiation rite for newcomers.
– The parties we organize are primarily underground/private events. The less middlemen the better. Good things in organizing underground parties are for example the lack of decibel limits (we do encourage people to protect their hearing), the chance to party until the morning (Finnish clubs/pubs close after 4 am at latest) and at least in principle there are no people who don’t care about the music or are irritated by it. The bad thing is it requires more work from us, but it’s totally worth it! Pubs/clubs are also dependent on alcohol sales. Our sole purpose is to fuck people’s minds with music, and everything else which the visitors filter through their bodies is not of interest for us, as long as everyone behaves respectfully towards each other. Occasionally we also do organize parties in undergroundish public venues when there are no private/underground venues available for example where to bring international performers. In addition we also consider public venues an option when throwing parties and promoting hardcore in other Finnish cities where appropriate private/underground venues are not available.
– The organization is non-profit. The goal is not to make money with the parties. The first priority is not to get the budget back to zero, but to support and spread culture. All possible profit will be used for the next party.
– Kovaydin.NET’s events are often classified as so-called dance music events, but let’s make it clear that our events are not only dance music events, or at least we are not limited to standard speeds, tempos or track structures. It depends on the listener’s subjective worldview which styles at our events are more danceable and which are less or not at all danceable. The goal is not just to dance, but also to listen and feel the music. We are one of the few organizers in Finland who actually question traditional bpm’s and challenge people to try harder and customize their comfort zone. After you have thrown yourself into the music you can ask yourself again what is acceptable as music and what is danceable music.
– The movement is based on voluntary action. Most of the crew pays their own expenses when coming to a party and, within possibilities, participate in sharing monetary risks together. Depending on the need we cover travelling costs for artists, offer accommodation and food etc. Depending on the situation we also pay gig fees – in a usual situation this relates to artists who we really wanna see in Finland and who have a set fee in their gig rider. Many of our visiting guests are also taking part with a more or less voluntary spirit though.
– These type of actions and values are not only good for the sake of the electronic music scene, but a small part of a grassroots action that will help humanity evolve.

Core artists and dj’s who have played at our events (2007-):
AM/PM Programme
Bachinskiy (RU)
Coma (LT)
Del_F64.0 (DE)
Dionnaki (UK)
Distonn (RU)
DoomsDay Sounds
Drieko (NL)
Fa Na Tek
FEdose (EE)
The Finnishing Dutch
Fractal Swamp (RU/SE)
Hecate (US/AT/FI)
Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat
iGoA / Stan Grewzell (DE)
Jamqpa / James Kvnt
Johnny Bash
Joni Koo
Junglist Vampire
Junkie Kut / OmniPresence (UK)
Kovaydin Anti-Stars
Lacuriosa (RU)
Maestro Мудак (RU)
Mass Destruction (NL)
Mindgrind (UK/DE)
Mister Nobody
Mono-Amine (NL)
Mother Mary (LT)
Naum Sinrike / Well Warp (RU)
Nawoto Suzuki (JP)
Neurocore (PL/FR)
Noizy Az Fuck (UK)
Obakemono / Rhythmic Disorder
Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS)
Prot (RU)
Ravehard (NL)
RK / 62
Rob Swedcore (SE)
Sa†an (RU)
DJ Schmerz (MX/FI)
Shatterling / Insectoid in Isolation
Shadowcore (SE)
Shinagl (NL)
Shotgun Orchestra (RU)
Spitting Vitriol (UK/DE)
Stak Etop
Starving Insect / Despairful Tomorrow (SE)
Tekhne Freq / Kid Corrupt (UK)
Teknoaidi / Avaruusveli / Zutsuu
Toysfornoise (NL)
Tähti Piste Tähti
The Untitled / Speedcore Industries (NL)
Vihakone / H8!Machine
Wotzenknecht (CA/FR/FI/LT)
Zeuge (BY/RU/DE)

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