SocialSmile - Lucky Night (Speedcore metal)

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SocialSmile - Lucky Night (Speedcore metal)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Smilecythe » 19.08.2010, 09:09

Smilecythe & MrSocialDisease :n muodostamaa kahen hengen bändin tuotosta.
Teknobiitit, lyriikat ja huono masterointi meitiltä, kitarat by MrSocialDisease.


Biisin lyriikat:

Your glans reflects your girlfriend's face
Your girl gets startled and then tips over

Now shes fucking mad and nows the time not to give her
anything she can kill you with

Lit few candles, fix the mood, then give another try for
the portion of sex

What a persistent bitch, still says no! Seems like there
isnt any other way

Stiffen your fist, knock her out, theres no way she'll
fight back now!

Holy shit she didnt die, she bit your dick! Oh damnit it hurts
like hell!

Payback time bitch, draw your gun, blow an alternative way
to her heart!
World's finest MSpaint gore porn!