13.2.2015 House of Hard Music Presents: MAD DOG @ Klubi/Tku

Mainostusta, keskustelua ja raportteja *core (pitoisista) tapahtumista Suomessa.

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13.2.2015 House of Hard Music Presents: MAD DOG @ Klubi/Tku

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Filippo aka MAD Dog started his DJ career just as joke. In 1995 after 3 years of hard work with the tecnichs, he met two friends (an M.C. and a DJ) with whom he formed a team: HARDCORE TERRORISTS. With this team Filippo has a lot of success especially in his city Rome.
In 1996 the Hardcore Terrorists made their debut with their first live-act at the QUBE (one of the symbol club in Rome). After that night, the performances of this team followed one another and their success was unavoidable!
In 1997 the Hardcore Terrorists decided to organise hardcore parties in the capital to improve the scene. They made an alliance with other DJ's and together with IMPULSE FACTORY, 3 VILLAGE and DJ GEPPO they formed the GABBERS ROMA. Even though
that the hardcore movement grew excessively the organization of the GABBERS ROMA
dissolved. But before of that the Hardcore Terrorists released in collaboration with IMPULSE FACTORY and THREE VILLAGE the record "TRY TO MAKE IT HARDER" on TRAXTORM RECORDS.
It's 1998 the Hardcore Terrorists continue to organise hardcore parties in Rome. The turning point arrived with the Pronto Soccorso Rave. It was the biggest Rave that the capital city had ever seen; 3500 gabbers dancing Hardcore Sound! Thanks to this they got a radio program (conduced by Filippo and his MC), which helped to consolidate their fame in Rome. After Pronto Soccorso they organised also Odissea 2001 another Rave which
was hold in the most prestigious location of Rome; La Fiera di Roma! In the meanwhile Filippo produced some Hardcore tracks which were included in the Compilation Traxtorm Power 2000 and Always Hardcore 7. In the summer 2000 Filippo improved the wish to dedicate himself to the production of hardcore tracks. Because of his job as organizer and as radio speaker he couldn't find the time to do that. That's why he decided to leave the Hardcore Terrorists team and he created a new project, Dj Mad Dog. Filippo has produced many releases since 4 years ago: THE MEMORY DISAPPEARS, MOTHERFUKIN DJ, DOG FOR LIFE, CLOCKWORK, HYSTORY, BOOM AND SHACE UP, I LOVE HARDCORE, THRILLSEEKA (Rmx), TALES OF JEALOUSY (Rmx). Thanks to these productions Mad Dog export hes sound in many European cities, like: Caracas, Rotterdam, Bochum, Barcelona, Zurigo, Vienna, Valenzia Heindhoven, beyond
having participated like guest in many Italian clubs. The artistic career of Maddog will carry us other surprise…

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