VA - Photon Collisions (Curated By Somatic Responses)

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VA - Photon Collisions (Curated By Somatic Responses)

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Kuva ... -responses

01. Sub Space Distorters - A Collection Of Pathetic Humans - 7:04
02. Bambule - Black Hole Singularity - 7:58
03. Micromelancolie - Endless - 4:52
04. Rain - Carion - 3:52
05. Ice Key - Selves Unimaginably Mine - 7:50
06. E115 - Three Band Gentle Tube - 2:08
07. Ken Utterson - Ballet Mécanique - 4:06
08. Caustic Sunshine - Watch1n The Sky Fallin - 6:42
09. Dust - TX4 - 5:45
10. Christoph De Babalon - The Odd Ghost - 5:48
11. Savier - Alright Moldies - 5:55
12. RENEGADE ANDROiD - Dreampost - 3:34
13. Milipede - The Night Falls Farther Than The Sun - 3:46
14. Zxyt - Basic Into Monkey - 6:58
15. Alpturer - Antar - 5:13
16. Keef Baker - Thumb Ducker - 3:12
17. Generate - Overdose - 5:28
18. Roel Funcken - Satt Mubjex - 3:19
19. Meatsock - djudjdhjdjd_3 - 2:51
20. DJ Controlled Weirdness - I'm The Govnor - 5:46
21. Mad EP - Damage Control - 3:20
22. The Xynomorf - Urn Breat - 4:30
23. Baseck ft. Joy Through Noise - Twin Braids - 6:19
24. Tonal Verges - Landsbelang - 5:51
25. DeadFader - Brick Wall - 4:34
26. Ontal - IKLWA - 5:42
27. Oneirich - In Memoriam - 8:05
28. Electric Kettle - Photon Torpedo - 4:09
29. Enduser - I've Been Here Before - 4:13
30. Speak Onion - Tiger Fight (Remix) - 6:49
31. Raab Codec - Crytic Mikll - 4:12
32. Vulphine Smile - Hiverminds & Heartache - 3:41
33. Tomoroh Hidari - Then Cruelty kbits A Snare - 5:11
34. Nedule & Warren Peace - Aminta - 5:23
35. Somatic Responses - Thrash And Disappear - 6:03
36. Dimentia - Data Rgister_3 - 5:49
37. The Open Consortium - Ennui - 5:46
38. Pure - Ravetothemax - 4:53
39. Low Entropy - Symphony Of Creative Destruction (2013 Remix 4/4 Version) 7:26
40. Fracture 4 - Tara v Shadow Man - 6:10
41. Coexsystems - Level Five Experience - 5:28
42. Fiend - Pinch Point - 5:38

The original idea for this compilation came about in a quite simplistic and natural way, we (John and Paul) were down the park with the kids, and as usual we were discussing music, current track ideas and good music we had heard by other people. The magnitude of these elements became almost overwhelming to the point we thought we had to do something, bang the idea was born and quickly moved forward. We have been inundated with excellent music and the compilation could have been even bigger than the colossal 42 tracks included if we hadn’t turned it around so quickly, but we have to stop somewhere (and possibly do it all again in the future).

After nearly 20 years in the electronic music scene there as always been constant bombardment of views. A lot is made of the current state of the music industry with illegal downloads, changing formats and people making music to satisfy a particular audience. Whilst a lot of these factors remain a talking point and in many ways a constant frustration the fact remains;
There is a huge amount of great music in varying genres being made by people who do it because they have to, its what drives them!
So looking forward in a positive sense, the social media revolution has meant continuing strong networks of like-minded people and enabled scenes and various forms of electronic music to continue (even if they don’t thrive as they once did).

Also there is an assumption that the listeners just want the sugar coated well-produced junk they hear day to day, we don’t believe this.
So here we are 20 years down the line with a similar ethos we started out with, exploration, experimentation, and escapism with the added bonus of meeting great people and forging great relationships along the way. Some great old friends and some new friends appear on here and it’s a privilege in many ways.

Each track we (all artists) write, each record that gets pressed, each download (illegal/legal) each listener hearing something different for the first time, each soundcloud, facebook and twitter connection is an exchange of energy; A Photon Collision.

It’s important that this compilation is a purely positive package. This wouldn’t have happened without the superb artists who gave music without question or contract, they just wanted to be a part of something, to create a Photon Collision of their own.

Enjoy the Music and don’t forget to make your own Photon Collisions!

This is a 100% charitable release, no money will be made by SR or any of the artists, so please consider the scale and quality of this release when pressing the download button. We will declare our sales quarterly and ensure the receipt of money is visible to ou chosen charities.

• A quick note about our chosen charities.

1. Cancer Research UK
The reasons for supporting such a charity will be immediate to most, this disease touches a lot of people in many ways. Selecting a UK charity isn’t going to confine the benefits to people in the UK, any progress in treatment and cure is shared with organisations worldwide and programs are often cross border studies.

The protection and prevention of cruelty to children is as important to us at it to a majority of adults. This is a leading UK charity at the forefront of protecting the innocent and vulnerable.
released 14 November 2013
Cat. No. PE012

Art Work by Mattia Travaglini

Thank you to all the artists that have contributed to this compilation for FREE & supporting Cancer Research UK, NSPCC AND Good Music!
tags: ambient drone experimental drum n bass electro electronic hardcore industrial techno UK

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