Somniac One - Transformational [SOS-07]

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Somniac One - Transformational [SOS-07]

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1. Phase 0
2. Phase I
3. Phase II
4. Chimerical

Osto: ... ormational


Who is Somniac One? Well, we’re not supposed to tell you, so this is all about the sound.
What is „Transformational“? „Transformational“ is a pulsating, audacious EP with an outstanding production value and unique ideas: „Phase 0“ introduces the abrasive atmosphere, the uneasy urban ambience that the entire release goes through with. „Phase I“ adds chunky IDM-style beats, „Phase II“ surprises with shredded speedcore thumps and „Chimerical“ combines both. File under whatever, forget about genre boundaries and enjoy some serious transformational sounds.

released 22 May 2014
Written & produced by Somniac One
Mastering by Frank Nitzinsky
Design by Somniac One jotka tietää tietää ;)

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