M.Y. Project - Life

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M.Y. Project - Life

Viesti Kirjoittaja Teknoaidi » 09.12.2014, 14:35

Aion Recs is proud to present:
LIFE is a Free-Form psytrance album where the creative psychedelia, hypnotic rythms and emotional vibes make the listener drift to a body-neural experience. The producer has been exploring during the years trought differents dimensions into the Ethno- Dark & Conceptual Psychedelic Trance Music.

This wide range of experience of the producer can be heard in this album. LIFE has a fresh sound, expressing the mature mindset as an artist and a dj.

The originality and power of all the tracks bring an excellent option to start or to end any inventive dj set with the bpms of this composition.

LIFE is a loyal full power company to go with you everywhere inside your headphones and mind.

Aion Records is looking forward to developing a new era for psychedelic electronic music where the artistic concept and deepness is taking over the circus of images and “copy-paste” kind of music; originality and personality is our mission.

Track list:
01 M.Y. PROJECT - I Want To Believe (150)
02 M.Y. PROJECT - Flying Saucer (153)
03 M.Y. PROJECT - Reality (153)
04 M.Y. PROJECT - Life In Other Planets (154)
05 M.Y. PROJECT - Interdimensional (154)
06 M.Y. PROJECT - Signs (155)
07 M.Y. PROJECT - Oh My God ! (155)
08 M.Y. PROJECT - EvolutiOm (156)
09 M.Y. PROJECT - Good Night My Love (300)

More M.Y. PROJECT music:

Time: 1:14:58 (1,2 hours) / Size: 824,3 mb / Files: 9
Mastered, art work / video, Label: Aion Recs 2015.

Aion Records:
released 05 December 2014

Kyseessä siis Helsingissä vaikuttavan Mackin julkaisu. Tää on muuten aikalailla psykee, mutta coree löytyy lopusta :)

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