Atomhead - Logic Gate [ACRED18]

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Atomhead - Logic Gate [ACRED18]

Viesti Kirjoittaja Teknoaidi » 26.12.2014, 01:04

The talented and prolific Jan Robbe - aka Erratic - is back on Acre, this time under his Atomhead guise. Altogether much harder than Downward Echoes, Logic Gate’s five tracks see Robbe combining elements of flashcore and speedcore with his distinctly recognisable glitch sound. Despite the frenetic rhythms and eye-watering bpm Atomhead creates rich ambiences and a sense of space which at once both cathartically bludgeon and cleanse, bringing to mind Save, R-ictus and classic La Peste. These are tracks to lose yourself in: powerful, fearsome and intricate with closing number, Methods of Deconstruction, a relentless trip to the core of a vortex.

2. Hyperspace 7 Operation (Part 1)
3. Logic Gate
4. Hyperspace 7 Operation (Part 4)
5. Methods of Deconstruction (Live)

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