Atomhead - Timeblind [ACRED23]

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Atomhead - Timeblind [ACRED23]

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1. Mad Professor (Theme)
2. Missions
3. Timeblind
4. Undacova - VES! (no Xivic Remix)
5. Undacova - Störung
6. Atomicon - Torsion

Belgium’s Jan Robbe, flashcore machine, turns in an EP of insane flash/cyber/glitchcore madness for Acre Recordings. We’ve six tracks here from his archives, produced under both his Atomhead and UndaCova aliases, all but two of which are previously unreleased. While Robbe’s overarching focus is on complex rhythms and sci-fi-infused sound design, the absolute attention to detail, the daunting micro-edits and sheer rate of change make this release – while unrelenting and brutal – totally compelling and a real joy to listen to. Moving from the ‘lighter-hearted’ opener, Mad Professor, and the psy-trance vibed Missions, Robbe takes us into darker, more fearsome, territory with Timeblind and Störung before closing with the frankly nuts Torsion. Throughout this EP his passion is clear. This is a man on a mission.

released July 11, 2016

Artwork by Jan Robbe
Mastering by C Mantle
Atomicon (track six) is: Ryan Friedrich aka Xanopticon + Atomhead

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