Neurocore - Falling Down [DEST-02]

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Neurocore - Falling Down [DEST-02]

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A1 - Perfection Belongs To Gods (428 BPM)
A2 - Highways (Can’t Save Her Crash mix) (170 BPM)
B1 - Falling Apart (360 BPM)
B2 - Tears Of The Clouds (150 BPM) ... uction--2/
How to describe the music of NEUROCORE, if not full of emotions…
From the first note, the Space is torn to spread the Light and Shadow
Like a train, this music combines both transcendental and rhythmic sounds, invites us to a journey leading us towards unexplored horizons.
Suddenly, the Space distorts to resonate.
"Perfection Belongs To Gods" suggests an ocean of ​​Light coming from Heaven while on Earth, so many things and beings are sadden.
"Highways" seems locked up within it the emotions of all mankind such a prison built for damned souls certain to be delivered to this fate for eternity.
Behind the collapse of "Falling Apart" is hiding maybe a necessary and inevitable Destruction, sparking canalized and concentrated inter-spatial-temporal energies which definitely emancipate us from torpor.
"Tears Of The Clouds" evokes these misshapen Giants realizing their inexorable march full of melancholy to lead us into the most intimate and profound aspects of our Being.

NEUROCORE‘s music is similar to the expression of an Archangelic War whose ultimate goal would be to slay the Shadow, allowing the deep Nature of the Soul to become One with the whole Universe.

Estelle Michelson aka Mouse

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