Shatterling - Eternal Moment [TRM-EP-025]

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Viestit: 2146
Liittynyt: 01.01.1970, 03:00
Paikkakunta: Tampere

Shatterling - Eternal Moment [TRM-EP-025]

Viesti Kirjoittaja Teknoaidi » 01.04.2017, 02:24

Finnish lone wolf producer Shatterling meets Traumatic – a match made in heaven (or hell, after all this is doomcore central). All four tracks burst with poignant melodies, the way no one else uses them in combination with these slightly distorted kicks.

Starting with the ethereal choirs of „Starfallen“, Shatterling takes us on a technicolor cinematic trip, with minor key sounds, dreamy themes and an on-spot array of rhythms. Raising the tension from the shuffle beats of said opener, over the sturdier kicks and more electronic flavor of „Eternal Yearning“ to the distortion of „The Difference Between Us“, this is like watching a good short film. And because it’s all over too short, there’s a second helping of the latter tune, the more techno-flavored Machina remix.

Arguably the most resolutely genre-defying artist around, Shatterling never ceases to amaze with his unique sound.
released March 31, 2017

Written & produced by M. Salmela
Mastering by Enrico Stade
Design by Kevin Robbens

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