(ENDE123) Mister Nobody - Collages Of Sound

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(ENDE123) Mister Nobody - Collages Of Sound

Viesti Kirjoittaja MisterNobody » 29.01.2016, 15:23

"Finland electronic producer Mister Nobody first reared his head up on ENDE Records on last year's first ever "Off The Grid" compilation with the orchestral amen smasher "Acerbus". Now he has released his sophomore album and ENDE debut with "Collages Of Sound"

9 tracks of old school IDM and techno infused jungle, breakcore and drill n bass. Orchestral cuts, warbled sometimes abstract vocal samples and low rolling jungle basslines frame these abrasively dark and heavy to melancholic and light assemblies of breakbeat and drumloop dancefloor fillers and sombre electronic downbeat moments.

Themes ranging from drug psychosis to dance culture reflection. Mr. Nobody's previous experiences behind the drum stool in various bands becomes an invaluable tool in breakbuilding as well as a love of the golden age of European warehouse parties such as on tracks like "One Tenth Of A Milligram"

We at ENDE Records encourage the production and release of an album or EP rather than just a random collection of tracks. Something that can form a musical narrative and on "Collages Of Sound" Mister Nobody has more than provided. "