(ENDE214) Tusk Mite - Plastic Planet

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Liittynyt: 01.01.1970, 03:00
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(ENDE214) Tusk Mite - Plastic Planet

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(ENDE214) Tusk Mite - Plastic Planet

Welcome to Plastic Planet! The strange and outer world of Finnish drill n bass/breakcore producer "Tusk Mite".

Having been floating around on Soundcloud and getting some buzz on the internet for the past 6 years or so, Tusk Mite finally releases his mindblowing debut album with spacious, retro-synth melodies, electronic soundscapes and space age sound bytes to backdrop his phenomenal old school drill n bass meets hyperspeed breakcore.

One of those moments on Soundcloud where you are taken aback by the creative alchemy and brilliant mastering of an unsigned producer. A producer who ENDE started discussing with a year ago and upon finding out he was looking for a home for his debut - snapped up without haste while the other breakcore labels were sniffing around after footwork and safely marketable and predictable faux-rave fuckboy DJs.

"Plastic Planet" is for those who dug the mid to late 90s drill n bass intensity but also the techno weirdness rather than jazzy basslines. Aside from that though there is plenty of hard edged abrasion and obliteration distortion on some of these tracks. Showing a flair for break assembly and homemade breaksliced patterns. Tusk Mite also wields the old school jungle and hip hop breaks into new beats and bustups. Unafraid to pull back on complexity and beat calisthenics - unlike many who just over complicate their breaks and lose the listener's attention.

"Plastic Planet" is a place where the ecology of sounds and beats melds together seamlessly to create a genre bending masterpiece and an album with enough pace and emotional input to make a great flow and narrative to our first view into Tusk Mite's world.