Below are some older reports from events and tours released in documentary form.
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Brainbashers: 2012 Tour

At Brainbashers events we play hard, fast-paced and sometimes also experimental underground electronic music, which challenges the present-day mainstream’s views of dance music. The present-day, that has forgotten the pulse of intensive tribal dancing that can be felt in ones entire organism. The concept however is not puritanically focused on dance music, the listening experience is also important. Boundaries crossing extreme subgenres of electronic music can be found in for example industrial, digital punk, drum’n’bass, techno, psytrance and avant-garde. The core of the action however has always been hardcore. The speciality of the events has been to offer a wide scale of different *core styles. Kovaydin Vastarinta toured Finland throughout the year 2012 spreading its Brainbashers concept and making people dance to distorted bassdrums.
Besides the trip there are also interviews of organizers, artists, dj’s and party people from the Finnish *core scene, historical information on the local scenes, interviews with international artists and other material of hardcore life in Finland.
You can switch chapters in the video’s info on Youtube. English subtitles can be found under CC.

Journals of the Splatterydin Russian Tour 2012

5-18 July 2012, the Splatterkore Reck-ords artists Dionnaki, Kid Corrupt and Zutsuu did a tour in the Russian underground *core scene. The tour was a collaboration with Zutsuu’s crew, Kovaydin Vastarinta. DoomsDay Sounds of the KV crew also joined the tour for its first weekend. These are the journals of their tour from St. Petersburg to Samara and back. This journal depicts the reality of underground core artists in the world of alternative clubs and free parties where anything can happen.
English subtitles under CC.
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