Kovaydin.NET presents Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS)

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Kovaydin.NET presents Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS)

Date: 7.10.2017
Time: 22-08
Location: UG/Tampere
URL: http://www.kovaydin.net

Main stage:

Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS) LIVE

Passenger of Shit, is an Australian musician who specializes in speedcore and breakcore. Active since the late ’90s, he is one of the most prominent members of the Australian underground, and one of few local musicians specializing in horrorcore and harsh noise. He is known for his unapologetic, everything-in-excess approach to electronic music, which he refers to as “erotic speedcore” or “sadcore.” Ridiculously fast beats, woodchipper-fed breaks, cheesy melodies and bizarre, vulgar lyrics are more or less what can be expected. His bizarre themes carry on to his hip-hop work and his chaotic, shrieking noise work.



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#hardcore_techno #speedcore #breakcore #shitcore #8bit #tracker #gabber

Chili stage:

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#8bit #ambient #dnb #grime #techno #acid #experimental #suomisaundi

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