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[KOVAWEB14] Teknoaidi - Positive Phuture Timeline ulkona!


Teknoaidi – Positive Phuture Timeline

Katalogi#: KOVAWEB14
Julkaisupäivä: 21.12.2017
Formaatti: 320kbps .mp3 ja 24-bit .flac
Tyylit: Shamancore
Pituus: 20:27

1. Positive Phuture Timeline
2. Pineal Krystals
3. Heritage
4. Clarity

Creative Commons -lisenssi

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Masteroinut: Miika Salo

Kansitaide: Acute Haltija


18.11.2017 Kovaydin.NET Goes Hervanta @ Varjobaari/Tampere


7.10.2017 Kovaydin.NET presents Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS) @ Tampere

10th of August 2017

Kovaydin.NET presents Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS)

Date: 7.10.2017
Time: 22-08
Location: UG/Tampere
URL: http://www.kovaydin.net

Main stage:

Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal Girl (AUS) LIVE

Passenger of Shit, is an Australian musician who specializes in speedcore and breakcore. Active since the late ’90s, he is one of the most prominent members of the Australian underground, and one of few local musicians specializing in horrorcore and harsh noise. He is known for his unapologetic, everything-in-excess approach to electronic music, which he refers to as “erotic speedcore” or “sadcore.” Ridiculously fast beats, woodchipper-fed breaks, cheesy melodies and bizarre, vulgar lyrics are more or less what can be expected. His bizarre themes carry on to his hip-hop work and his chaotic, shrieking noise work.


DoomsDay Sounds LIVE

Fa Na Tek

Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat LIVE

Junglist Vampire & Fucktopuss b2b



Shatterling & Talman b2b

Valovoima LIVE

Vikasietotila LIVE

#hardcore_techno #speedcore #breakcore #shitcore #8bit #tracker #gabber

22:00-23:00 Valovoima LIVE (atmospheric speedcore)
23:00-00:30 Shatterling & Talman b2b (crossbreed)
00:30-01:00 Vikasietotila LIVE (8bit)
01:00-02:00 DoomsDay Sounds LIVE (hardcore/speedcore)
02:00-03:30 Passenger of Shit ft. Ethereal girl LIVE (sadcore/erotic speedcore)
03:30-04:30 Junglist Vampire & Fucktopuss b2b (breakcore)
04:30-05:30 Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat LIVE (shamancore)
05:30-06:30 Meke (oldschool hardcore/gabba)
06:30-07:30 Noison (atmospheric speedcore)
07:30-08:30 Fa Na Tek (schranz->breakcore mashup)

Visuals: CGVJ Juippi

Chili stage:

Bluescreen Brothers


DJ Absolutely Beautiful

DJ Jarkko

EveAngel’s Evelution



#8bit #ambient #dubstep #idm #techno #experimental #suomisaundi

20:00-22:00 Bluescreen Brothers (disco/whatnot)
22:00-23:30 DJ Absolutely Beautiful (ambient/idm)
23:30-01:00 DJ EveAngel’s Evelution (chiptune)
01:00-02:30 DJ Jarkko (chiptune/suomisaundi)
02:30-04:00 Mustalaiska (live)
04:00-05:30 RRRastas (suomisaundi)
05:30-07:00 DJSJ (dub/step)

Invitation only! If you have not yet received an invitation on Facebook you can get invited by e-mailing your fb name and the e-mail address you use to log in on fb. If you don’t have an fb account we can also send you the info by e-mail. Info e-mail: avaruusveli [AT] gmail.com

[KOVAWEB13] VA – Sounds from the Finnish Hardcore Techno Underground Vol. 2 out now!

12th of May 2017

VA – Sounds from the Finnish Hardcore Techno Underground Vol. 2

Catalog#: KOVAWEB13
Release date: 12.5.2017
Format: 320kbps .mp3 and 24-bit .flac
Styles: Hardcore/Breakcore/Crossbreed/Speedcore/Shamancore/Psycore/Flashcore
Length: 1:14:27

1. Teknoaidi – Tähtitarhojen Taipaleella
2. Talman – The Dark Side of Life
3. Skelic – Metasthasis
4. Uniqu – Lost in Thoughts
5. Junglist Vampire – Cheese in My Feet
6. Tusk Mite – Splinter Children
7. Iconobreaker – Intricacy
8. DoomsDay Sounds – Run!
9. Lizard Drum – Unholy Abomination
10. SatanoiD – Marzine Phantom Gun
11. Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat – Hiidenlöyly
12. AM/PM Programme – The Name of Their Freedom
13. Valovoima – Vortices

Creative Commons -lisenssi

Download the .mp3 package here or here

Download the .flac package here

Stream here:

Mastered by: Miika Salo

Photography by: Elina Kinnunen

AM/PM Programme
DoomsDay Sounds
Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat
Junglist Vampire
Lizard Drum
Tusk Mite

18.3.2017 HardCore Finland UG @ 03

25th of February 2017

Collaboration underground party coming up! Ask us for more info..

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14th of November 2016

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Kekricore aftermovie

13th of November 2016

Kekricore aftermovie:

+ sets:

5.11.2016 Kekricore @ Tampere

10th of October 2016

This year we will celebrate kekri in a harder way with special guests!

Core City Downtown aftermovie

10th of September 2016

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