Brainbashers: Trepanation Preparation

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: Trepanation Preparation

Pvm: 20.11.2010
Aika: 21-07
Paikka: UG/Tampere
Vapaaehtoinen pukukoodi: folio
Tyylit: Hardcore, Breakcore, Dark DnB, Speedcore, Experimental, Psychedelic mindfuck


Shamans (live):

Mono-Amine (Ant-Zen, Darkforce NL Records, Vendetta Music) [NL]
Obakemono (Kovaydin Vastarinta)

Surgeons (dj):

AD OD (Tenkale)
Drieko (Translated Visions) [NL]
RujoNic (Kolina-produktio, Kovaydin Vastarinta)
Stak Etop (Tenkale)
Urim (Kolina-produktio)
(Kovaydin Vastarinta)
Kovaydin anti-stars (DoomsDay Sounds, Mornaor & Noison)


Joost G aka Mono-Amine started performing at partys from 1997. Most of his gigs are at underground partys. Joost G also plays big parties and festival like Propulsion, Maschinenfest, Vendettafestival, Sphere, 7 days of Underground, Kryptic Waves, Summer Darkness, Project Hurricane and Full-on in the Netherlands, Belgium, The USA, Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic. His sets can be described as dark, uplifting, pounding and a powerful mindfucking psychedelic experience. For Mono-Amine its important that music comes straight from the heart, this is why he cant be booked for a pure commercial event. ; Joost G is also one of the driving forces behind the Darkforce foundation. Darkforce has the goal to stimulate nonregular music and does this by organizing partys and releasing records. ; Under his alter ego name Mono-Amine he performs as a live-act. With his (live)music he releases the boundries between noisecore, experimental, hardbreaks and industrial tekno. Mono-Amine created his own style of music; dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh kind of groove. The music is inspired on his critical view on society and gives you something to think about as well. Mono-Amine has released records on Ant-Zen, Neurotroperecords, DarkforceNLrecords, TDKrecords, KXstarterrecords, Origamirecords, Vendettamusic USA and others.


Driek Cox aka Drieko got interested in spinning records at the age of 18 after visiting the massive In Qontrol party in Amsterdam. A year after this he found his way into the underground hardcore scene and to his biggest love: industrial hardcore. Drieko became friends with Mass Destruction and together they started to organize small Translated Visions parties in Southern part of the Netherlands. Drieko played last time in Finland at the Earthcore vs. Brainbashers party in Helsinki and now he will be playing for the first time in the underground hardcore capital of Finland.


21:00-22:00 Urim [Darkstep/Skullstep]
22:00-23:00 AD OD [Dark Drum’n’Bass/Breakcore]
23:00-00:00 Drieko [Industrial Hardcore]
00:00-01:00 Mono-Amine LIVE [Psychedelic Mindfuck]
01:00-02:00 Obakemono LIVE [Experimental Industrial Hardcore/Speedcore]
02:00-03:00 RujoNic [Frenchcore/Uptempo Hardcore]
03:00-04:00 Zutsuu [Psychedelic & Abstract Hardcore/Speedcore/Flashcore]
04:00-05:00 Stak Etop [Industrial/Breakcore/Experimental]
05:00-07:00 Kovaydin anti-stars [Hardcore/Breakcore/Speedcore]


Noisonin galleria


Urim, AD OD, RujoNic & Zutsuu. Krankkenhakkenin kuvaama.

Mono-Amine LIVE. Krankkenhakkenin kuvaama.

Urim, AD OD & Drieko. Shatterlingin kuvaama.

Mono-Amine LIVE, Obakemono LIVE, Zutsuu, Stak Etop & Kovaydin anti-stars. Shatterlingin kuvaama.

AD OD, Drieko, Mono-Amine LIVE & Obakemono LIVE. Zutsuun kuvaama.


Obakemono LIVE

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